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Science » Chemistry Honors

Chemistry Honors

Chemistry Honors students will work on their first project of the year, the planning and construction of a hot air balloon using household materials (no kits allowed). Working in groups they get to let their imagination soar, the sky is the limit!
This one-year laboratory course deals with chemicals and their reactions in the world around us. In this course, topics are explored in more depth, and additional topics are covered. The emphasis is placed on competence in solving problems and in applying chemical principles. An increased emphasis is place on the level of skill attained in the laboratory. Topics covered include atomic and molecular structure, the relationship between structure and properties, stoichiometry, chemical formulas, chemical bonding, periodic law, physical and chemical properties of matter, gas laws, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, thermodynamic calculations, acid-based chemistry, equilibrium, calculations, oxidation-reduction reactions, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, and descriptive chemistry. Prerequisite: One year of biology. Completion of Integrated Math 2 or higher math.
Course # 13590 
Course Term: Yearlong 
Grade Levels: 10-12 
Graduation Credit: Physical Science 
CSU/UC: Lab Science(d) Electives(g)