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School Goals



The Branham community is healthy, engaged and innovative. We work together to explore issues and solve problems to positively impact the world in which we live.



Branham provides an inclusive, nurturing environment that enables students to build the confidence necessary to take risks. We mentor students as they master a relevant, rigorous curriculum that empowers them to achieve their maximum potential as successful and productive citizens.



Self-Directed Learner

Determines what needs to be done and does it, seeking help and support when needed. Plans and manages workload and time. Locates and utilizes available resources. Has confidence to explore areas of interest or curiosity.


Complex and Innovative Thinker

Interprets, analyzes, and integrates information from varied sources and applies knowledge to new problems or situations.


Effective Communicator

Clearly expresses ideas in a variety of modes to specific audiences. Actively listens and collaborates with diverse groups.


Engaged Citizen

Actively contributes to our school, our city, and our world. Understands, respects, and values diversity.


Healthy Individual

Achieves and maintains physical and emotional well-being, while balancing the demands of academic and personal life.