In this course, students study the substances that make up our world, and the changes that take place to those substances as they react and combine with each other. Topics include atomic and molecular structure, 
chemical formulas, bonding, periodic law, properties of matter, gas laws, thermochemistry, acid-base concept, equilibrium, chemical bonding, oxidation/reduction, electrochemistry, stoichiometry, and introduction to organic chemistry. Chemistry fulfills the college lab science entrance requirements if taken in the tenth grade or beyond. Students selecting this course must have a strong foundation in Algebra and English. Prerequisite: Integrated Math 1 completed with grade C or higher, enrolled in Integrated Math 2 or higher math.
Course # 13550 
Course Term: Yearlong 
Grade Levels: 10-12 
Graduation Credit: Physical Science 
CSU/UC: Lab Science(d) Electives(g)