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Science » AP Physics II

AP Physics II

Physics 2, Advanced Placement is the second course in the College Board’s redesigned algebra based introductory college level physics course. It follows the currently approved AP Physics 1 course. Students explore the principles of fluids, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, advanced electrical circuits, physical and geometric optics, and a variety of modern physics topics such as quantum mechanics, atomic physics and nuclear physics. Continuing the focus on inquiry-based learning fostered in AP Physics 1 students will continue to develop their scientific critical thinking and reasoning skills. Prerequisite: AP Physics 1 or Physics/Physics Honors Co-Requisites: Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, Integrated Math 3 STEM or higher math.
Course # 13712
Course Term: Yearlong
Grade Levels: 10-12
Graduation Credit: Physical Science
CSU/UC: Lab Science(d) Electives(g)