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Bionic Bruins (Robotics)

President: William Gardner
Club Advisors: Schremp & Turner
Description: Compete in VEX competitions, participate in outreach with middle school and elementary, teach programming and building
What Our Bruins Are Doing this Summer
 Ms. Pink and Mrs. Schremp took the Robotics Club - the Bionic Bruins - to the California State Fair in Sacramento to show off their work, which included their 3D-printed objects and robots. (Pictures courtesy of Ms. Pink)
Bionic Bruins
Back row (from left): Philip Schremp (10), Keaton Fiske (10), Mr. Muensch, Eddie Chekhanovsky (10), Zach Padro (10), Mrs. Schremp, Jerry Zhao (12)
Front row (from left): Nhi Le (12), Swathi Vittalbabu (12), Ms. Pink with Bionic Bruins mascot Ali, Noa Nakoa (11), Ryan Sands (12), Tori Ciplickas (10)
 State fair guests try to balance weighted objects using a homemade balance.
Senior Swathi Vittalbabu demonstrates the Bruin Bionic robot to a state fair attendee.
 A state fair attendee tests out the catapult.
Cubed fries were some of the delicious and not-so-nutritious meals the Bruins sampled.
For information on joining the Robotics Club, please contact Mrs. Schremp or Ms. Pink.