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Branham High School

Bruin Flea Market

 The Branham Flea Market is held the third Saturday of each month.  
For more information, please contact the Sports Boosters using this email address:  
  • 21112 of the California Vehicle Code allows enforcement of the Vehicle Code on school property 
  • All policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) shall be followed, such as: no tobacco products or smoking allowed on school grounds, no hazardous materials shall be deposited on, or left on school property, no depositing of trash/rubbish on school property.   


Gate Opens:                6:00 am  (Branham Lane gate)
Gate Closes:                2:45 pm (all gates)
The BHS Flea Market is open year round (rain or shine) on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 6:00am to 2:00pm.  Sellers MUST BE out of parking lot by 2:45 pm or additional fees will be charged to sellers.
Fees as a seller
  • two (2) parking stalls side-by-side is $15.00  
  • three (3) stalls in a row is $25.00
  • four (4) stalls in a row $30.00
  • five (5) stalls in a row is $40.00
  • six (6) stalls in a row is $45.00
Additional Information
  1. Sellers DO NOT line up in the street due to safety. Wait in parking lot across the street until you can safely enter school property.
  2. Sellers park in the space closest to their fellow seller so we can ensure maximum efficiency
of the parking lot stalls.
  3. Sellers can unload items in the stalls & park car closest to the Tennis Courts or across the street in the parking lots.
  4. Stalls are available on a first come, first serve basis and are not available for reservation.
  5. Payment collection (cash only, no checks) for your stalls once you are set up (starting at around 8:00 am).
  6. Receipts are available upon request from Sports Booster Rep.



Seller responsibility per 21112 of the California Vehicle Code.  Sellers are responsible for cleaning up their stalls. Do not leave trash, sale items, empty boxes on school property. Do not put into school blue garbage cans. Take ALL items with you. The school charges the Boosters if items left which could mean we have to raise our Flea Market prices. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TRASH & GOODS.


Important Reminders

• NO SMOKING in the school parking lot per 21112 of the California Vehicle Code 

•Be courteous to other Flea Market sellers, buyers, and Branham staff.

• We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if a problem arises.

• Sellers must remain at their selling location; you may not drop items for sale and then leave property. 

• Sellers are not allowed to cook or sale of food or beverages at BHS Flea Market.

• Do NOT Line up on street before gate opens.  Park in a safe location.

• If issued a warning, BHS staff or Boosters Rep have the right to ask you to leave if problem arises.


 Thank you for your support of Branham Athletes and Boosters
Seller Guidelines  Flea Market Guidelines (printable copy) (updated for 2016-2017)