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Thank you to all students and parents who provided input regarding a potential schedule change to better serve the needs of our students. The CUHSD teacher’s union contract states that a bell schedule can be changed provided there is at least 62% of the vote in favor of a particular schedule. At last week’s election, 71% of the teaching staff voted to change the bell schedule.

The schedule includes one day during which time students will have all classes (Monday), followed by consistent block days on Tuesday/Thursday and Wednesday/Friday. Most students will be taking 6 classes as they do now, and will be able to choose 1st – 6th (early start, early release) or 2nd – 7th (late start, late release) when they plan their 2020-21 schedule. Depending on program participation and availability, some students will still be able to take 7 classes as they do now.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact Branham Administration.
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