Workshop Title: Energy Transformation & Electricity Generation

Workshop Title: Energy Transformation & Electricity Generation


Date: Thursday, 03/14/2024
Time: 3:15-5:15pm 

Location: Mr. Ray's Classroom (J201)


Workshop Teacher: Kristen Abels, Chemical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate at Stanford University

Description: Ever wonder how we take the potential energy stored in everything from fuels to water stored in a dam and convert it to the electrical energy we use to power our daily lives? While burning fuels like natural gas and coal to make electricity may seem very different than using hydro or wind power, all these methods of electricity generation rely on a central piece of the electricity generation puzzle: the electric generator. In this workshop, we’ll learn how an electric generator works, and we’ll build one for ourselves!


Registration will close on March 13th at noon. Register ASAP as spots do run out. There are limited seats, so please register ONLY if you are available to attend. If you have signed up and realize you can no longer attend, please let Mr. Ray know, and we can offer the spot to another student.  


Flyer with energy and power symbols