While our staff, students, athletes and coaches do a wonderful job with our limited resources, they can achieve more with the support of our community. Your valuable contributions help students by:
  • Allowing our programs to function at a higher level
  • Allowing gifted students and athletes the opportunity to reach their full potential
  • Increasing funding to purchase equipment and supplies for educational programs and sports teams to help students, staff, and coaches pursue more refined projects and build a strong base for future success
  • Offering avenues and opportunities for students and athletes who might not otherwise have the chance to expand their educational or athletic ability
  • Supplying a path for campus renovations which in turn help to create a more favorable environment that can contribute to learning and achievement
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Branham High School
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Please specify if the donation is for a specific event, a specific student, or Branham's general fund. Please also indicate if you would like to receive a donation letter for tax purposes (only applicable if you have received no goods or services).
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All donations benefit Branham High School. Donors may indicate a preference for a specific use (e.g. instruments, uniforms, trailers, etc.) or on behalf of a student’s family. 
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Branham High School
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