Prom Tickets are Sold Out!

As Prom approaches, we are thrilled to provide you with essential details to ensure a smooth and unforgettable experience. Please take note of the following information: 

When: Saturday, May 25, 2024 from 7pm to 10:30pm 

Where: The Grand Corinthian Ballroom (196 North 3rd St. San Jose, CA 95112)

Theme: The Gatsby Gala 

What is included: Dinner and Desserts are included in the cost of the ticket. A gallery of professional photos will be available to students after the event. 


Other important information: 

- Every person who enters the prom needs to bring a school ID. Please have it ready when you get to the front of the line. 

- Doors will open promptly at 7pm and will close at 8pm. No one will be allowed in after 8pm. Doors will reopen at 9:30pm. No re-entry once you have exited. Enter/exit through the main doors only. 

All students entering the event will be subject to being searched upon arrival.

- A bag and coat check will be available for students to keep their belongings - Branham students and their guests must enter and check in together. Guests must bring an ID. 

Tickets or guest passes are not interchangeable. Pass must correspond with the student's ID or they will not be admitted. All students and their guests must show their IDs to enter the dance. Removal from the dance may be a result from one or more of the following: possession of or under the influence of drugs/alcohol, fighting, failure to follow the direction of chaperones, or any other form of disrespect or inappropriate behavior. Administrators can randomly administer a breathalyzer to students. Law enforcement may be contacted. BHS students are responsible for their guest’s behavior 

- Shoes required at all times. NO bare feet allowed.

Dance appropriately and in good taste; offensive dancing may result in warning and/or eviction from the event. There will be no MOSH PITS or physically pushing of any kind tolerated. Failure to follow that expectation will likely result in being asked to leave the dance. 

- All BHS rules apply, including those regarding appropriate dress code, behavioral guidelines, and use/possession of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Violation may result in suspension, police citation, and loss of privileges. 

Tickets are no longer on sale and WILL NOT be sold at the door 

- Guests will have access to the Grand Ballroom, Phoenix Lounge, Gold Room, Silver Room, Olympia Room, Decathlon, and Foyer 


Parking/Drop Off

Drop off and pickup is encouraged! Those getting dropped off, will be able to by the entrance. For parking, street parking is available and free after 6:00pm. The venue suggests using a Paid Parking Garage owned by the City of San Jose (The Third Street Garage on 95 N. Third Street) across the street from the venue (3 minute walk). A chaperone will be on guard outside the venue to watch the students walking to the venue. 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or [email protected] 

Thank you! 

Branham Prom Committee