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Branham Sports Boosters

Branham Sports Boosters is a parent organization whose primary function is to raise the much needed funds for all athletic programs at Branham.  Unfortunately,

the state of California and the school district CANNOT fund our athletic programs in their entirety.  Booster clubs are necessary to help cover the shortfall in funding between what the school district can provide and what the sports teams need to operate.  There are several committees that need both leaders and volunteers…Donations, Flea Market, Snack Shack, Banquets, and many more.  


Visit our newly redesigned website, for more details on how you can help.  We can’t wait to get to know your and your athlete.  It is going to be a great year!

Bruin Backers Board

Duane Sayre

Vice President
Wendy Bui and Ebe Thiara
Carrie Pesavento

Committee Chairs
Banquet Coordinator
Diane Jenkins
Supported by Gwen Moody and Alex Velasquez
Casino Night
Michele Rodinsky
Diane Jenkins
Mia Price
Flea Market Coordinator
Diane Jenkins
Stevie Nichols
Homecoming Program
Merchandise Coordinator
Lynne Holland
Snack Shack Coordinators
Diane Jenkins and Cathy Valenzuela
Chris Bandanza
We are still looking for
Snack Shack Co-Coordinator
1. Attend monthly meetings with co-coordinator and give reports on sales as well as current and upcoming events
2. At five (5) home football games in the fall and five (5) track events in spring: Open snack shack, supervise during event and close snack shack.
3. Work with co-coordinator on snack shack tasks where necessary
Flea Market Co-Coordinator(s)
1. Attend monthly meetings with co-coordinator and give reports on sales for vendors and teams
2. Work with existing co-coordinator to supervise the flea market every 3rd Saturday of each month
3. Help open and guide vendors for parking and setup, gather money, work with the monthly hosting sports team. Close up at end of event.
Please email if interested.

Merchandise Order Forms

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If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the parent volunteer form below and return it to