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Branham’s goal is to maintain a safe educational environment for all students and staff on our campus.  Our administration team is working together to hold students accountable for their actions and deliver fair consequences for the actions of students on our campus.  It is important to fairly discipline students who make poor choices in conjunction with providing additional services such as counseling to help them make better choices.
To create a safe learning environment in a school like Branham, with various ethnic groups represented on campus, it is crucial that students learn to respect individual differences.  This issue has been addressed on numerous fronts all focused on achieving seamless integration and acceptance of, and appreciation for, differences.  Branham High School has a number of co-curricular organizations on campus working to get historically under-represented students involved in school and to educate fellow students.


Bullying Information and Assistance

Incidents of bullying can be reported here.  All reports will be kept anonymous.  Thank you! 


Detention Information

Note: All detentions must be cleared before attending any major Branham event (dances, etc.)