Residency Verification

Beginning this year, CUHSD is requiring 9th grade parents to verify their residency within our district. This is in order to establish that you do live within the Branham attendance area. There will be a window to upload the documentation that will open on July 19th and close on August 3rd. 
How to Submit Residency Documents
Submit residency documents online by going to your Parent Square Portal.
Note: If any documents are incorrect or missing, you will have to verify in person.
All documents used for residency must be CURRENT. You should have a total of 3 attachments:
Residency Document #1 (one from the following list)
  • Valid vehicle registration (title documents do not meet residency requirements) OR
  • Current (2020) W-2 Tax Forms OR
  • Current paycheck (employer and employee’s name and address must be imprinted on the check)
Residency Document #2 (one from the following list)
  • Original Property Tax Bill with parent/guardian name and property address OR
  • Tenant’s copy of Rental or Lease agreement parent name, student name, and address, as well as manager’s or owner’s name and phone number
Residency Document #3
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Bill or statement mailed to your residence with parent name & address - We will accept e-bill online print-out or PG&E account confirmation OR
  • If your rental agreement states that utilities (PG&E) are included, then one of the following can be used:
    • Monthly Bank statement​ mailed to your residence with parent name and address OR
    • Monthly Cable Bill​ mailed to your residence with parent name and address
Important Information
A student can have only one residence for the purposes of establishing residency and must live with a parent or legal guardian. PO Boxes will not be accepted for residency purposes.
If you cannot verify your student's residency, your student will be disenrolled from a CUHSD school and you must enroll them in your district of residence. 
By verifying your residence and enrolling in a CUHSD school, you understand and/or confirm the following:
  • California Education Code (Section 48200) and District Board Policy 5111.1 require that a student be enrolled in and attend the school that is within the district in which the student's parent(s) or legal guardian(s) reside(s).
  • My student resides with me full time (or legally mandated residency of 50% or more) at the address provided on this form, which is my full time primary residence. I agree to notify the District if the student, or I, move.
  • The Campbell Union High School District will actively investigate all cases where it has reason to believe false information has been provided on this statement or to any school/district official. Investigations may include the use of photographs and/or video taken by investigators.
  • I understand that home visitation and/or residency verification is part of a periodic process when residency is established in the Campbell Union High School District. I also understand that the District employs Residency Officials to verify residency status, which may include home visits and investigations.
  • The District may refer cases in which false information has been provided to the County District Attorney for further action and/or file civil action to recover damages incurred as a result of providing false information.
  • Persons who provide or solicit false information are subject to criminal prosecution for perjury, which is punishable by fine and/or prison (up to 4 years) and may be found civilly liable for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, or negligence. [Civil Code § 1709] [Family Code § 6552; Penal Code § 118 and 126]
  • Investigations that reveal that students have enrolled on the basis of providing false information will lead to immediate withdrawal from the District.