AP Calculus BC

Calculus BC is an extension of Calculus AB rather than an enhancement; common topics require a similar depth of understanding. Both courses are intended to be challenging and demanding. Broad concepts and widely applicable methods are emphasized. The focus of the courses is neither manipulation nor memorization of an extensive taxonomy of functions, curves, theorems or problem types. Thus, although facility with manipulation and computational competence are important outcomes, they are not the core of these courses. Through the use of the unifying themes of derivatives, integrals, limits, approximation, and applications and modeling, the course becomes a cohesive whole rather than a collection of unrelated topics. These themes are developed using all the functions listed in the Prerequisite Prerequisite: Calculus AB, Advanced Placement
Course # 14220 
Course Term: Yearlong 
Grade Levels: 11-12 
Graduation Credit: Mathematics 
CSU/UC: Math (c) Elective(g)