Hall of Fame

Celebrating Excellence Through Achievement


Statement of Purpose: Established in 2012, it is our goal to recognize excellence in Athletics and to promote pride within Branham High School, the Classroom, the surrounding Community and personal achievements after and beyond Branham High School. This applies to all the years of Branham High School.


All nominations for an Athlete being nominated must have graduated from Branham High School. Athlete, Coach, Volunteer/Administrator/Staff Member, Team Nominations are submitted by anyone. For some Nominees, there may be a waiting period before voting on Induction to allow for completion of a post-Branham High School activity.


Nominations are currently being accepted and can be submitted by email here. Completed forms must be submitted the first week of March (annually) for consideration within the current calendar year.



Nomination Forms:
Hall of Fame Athlete Form 
Hall of Fame Team Form
Hall of Fame Coach/Administrator/Volunteer Form